How to raise you child’s success rate

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 9.04.27 AMA recent study has shown that adolescents who suffer from sleep apnea and other sleep disorders increase their risk of academic failure ( What parent doesn’t want their child to be more successful? If he or she is not getting proper sleep, their brain is also not getting the proper amount of oxygen to function normally and at a high level. No matter what your child is learning or doing to improve themselves for success, if the brain is not at its peak condition, it will not be as effective. Did you know that the study showed nearly 1 in 3 adolescents reporting regular sleep problems? That is a high probability of having a sleep issue.

Does your child wake up with headaches? pulse above 70? This post gives you simple indicators to know if your child has sleep issues (



How to sleep your way to the top … not the XXX version

The very first thing you should focus on, if you want success, is to get great sleep. In my own experience, I noticed that when I didn’t get good sleep, I was less inclined to connect with people. I was agitated much more easily. I was not able to concentrate and be as creative as usual. I believe that this all contributes to less earnings potential. This TED talk is about success and great sleep ( This article discusses the subject of career advancement and great sleep ( In the article it states, “Getting ahead, moving up, mastery is a mentally challenging endeavor that demands resilience, consistency, and the ability to process an avalanche of new and complex information. Well-rested workers think faster, more creatively, and more clearly. When the brain has enjoyed enough R&R –rest and restoration –overall performance is improved. Confidence, leadership, and decision making are improved.”

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