Guess what? Eating … can cause Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 9.31.50 AMIt sounds bizarre but it is true. Eating things that require a lot of hard chewing, like a well done steak, hard bread, or hard caramel, cause the muscles in the jaw to clamp down and restrict the air pathway. The question is can your jaw muscles relax after hard chewing. I think for most people that is the case. However, my sleep apnea condition became severe when I started working out with weights and I clenched my jaw as I strained to pump out those last reps. Hard chewing exacerbated that condition and prevented my jaw from being able to relax at night. Even one (1) millimeter of jaw restriction can make a difference in your sleep quality. Certainly, one (1) millimeter won’t cause you to go from great sleep to sleep apnea but it can cause you to start snoring if you combine that with drinking alcohol or any other combination of things that cause degraded sleep quality. It can also cause you to go from an existing snoring condition to sleep apnea. Ever since I solved my snoring and sleep apnea condition, I have been getting restful sleep because I stretch my jaw muscles and strengthen my throat muscles just before going to bed. As the muscles in my jaw have continued to relax, I have noticed less tension in the rest of my body. That is how I became more aware of the strain on my jaw muscles when I chewed hard food items. If you snore or have sleep apnea, I hope this bit of information helps you.

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