The one (1) secret … to lower your blood pressure

You may think that diet and nutrition are the key to lowering your blood pressure. Considering my former sleep apnea condition, I have found that the tongue is the major contributor to high blood pressure. When the base of my tongue is relaxed, I can instantly feel and measure my blood pressure drop 20-30 points. Sleep apnea causes your tongue to work hard because it is trying to keep you from suffocating in your sleep. If you have severe sleep apnea, your tongue has increased in size due to all of those nightly workouts. In my experience, the tongue has been wound up at night and this continues during the daytime. After years of this, you forget what a relaxed tongue feels like and how it should be positioned at rest, especially when you have an enlarged tongue. That is why your blood pressure remains high throughout the day and makes it hard to relax.

If you have severe sleep apnea and high blood pressure, you first need to cure your sleep condition and start getting more restful sleep at night. Read my free eBook and the other posts on this blog for more information on that subject. After that is done, focus on the position of your tongue. Press the middle to back of your tongue against your upper molars and relax the base and the front of your tongue. When I first did this, I immediately felt my stomach relax and noticed that my voice deepened. Do a search on the phrase “relax tongue” and find other exercises to help with that. Here are a couple of videos I like.