How to sleep your way to the top … not the XXX version

The very first thing you should focus on, if you want success, is to get great sleep. In my own experience, I noticed that when I didn’t get good sleep, I was less inclined to connect with people. I was agitated much more easily. I was not able to concentrate and be as creative as usual. I believe that this all contributes to less earnings potential. This TED talk is about success and great sleep ( This article discusses the subject of career advancement and great sleep ( In the article it states, “Getting ahead, moving up, mastery is a mentally challenging endeavor that demands resilience, consistency, and the ability to process an avalanche of new and complex information. Well-rested workers think faster, more creatively, and more clearly. When the brain has enjoyed enough R&R –rest and restoration –overall performance is improved. Confidence, leadership, and decision making are improved.”

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