Does Sleep Apnea affect your love life?


I wanted to know if people think sleep apnea affects their love life. My answer is yes. When I had sleep apnea, it was much more difficult for me to be relaxed. I could always feel the adrenaline running throughout my body. I attribute that to sleep apnea. As soon as I started getting better sleep, my senses came alive. I was able to smell scents wafting through the air whereas before, I didn’t notice any scents at all. Colors seemed much more vibrant. I woke up happier than previously. I was able to catch the subtext of conversations whereas before, those cues would pass over my head. It was much easier to joke and be laid back with people. Back in 2010, I didn’t even know I had sleep apnea but I realized that I needed to figure out ways to counteract the adrenaline in my system. So, I discovered many other methods to relax my nervous system besides getting good sleep. In other words, how to negate some of the effects of sleep apnea. That journey helped me to meet my fiance in early 2013.

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