Five (5) Insights into … Sleep Apnea

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I just published the latest version of my eBook, Overcoming Sleep Apnea, a couple of weeks ago. So, I thought I would post some snippets from the book.

Here are the five (5) insights into sleep apnea that I have gleaned over the last two years.

  1. Increasing both the vertical and horizontal space of the throat area is necessary for perfect sleep.
  2. Good posture in the upper back is necessary for perfect sleep.
  3. Strengthening the muscles in the lower jaw and positioning the base of the tongue lower down the throat is necessary for perfect sleep.
  4. A relaxed tongue is necessary for perfect sleep.
  5. Sleep position, pillow choice, and pillow configuration affect the quality of sleep.

How you position your body and the pillow(s) you use also affect sleep apnea. I have found that when sleeping on my back, moving the head to one side relieves the condition. Also, placing my hands near or above my head helps maintain good posture while sleeping. Keeping my hands open also keeps my body relaxed.

I use a normal pillow propped up at an angle against the headboard. In front of that, I use a lumbar pillow which rests against the normal pillow. On top of the normal pillow and positioned at the top of the lumbar pillow, I use a small, loosely filled buckwheat hull pillow. The lumbar pillow helps maintain good posture and the buckwheat pillow is not so dense as to be uncomfortable. It also keeps my head cool at night, which aids in my restful sleep.

My theory is that great sleep forms the basis for success in relationships, business, and life in general. I believe that we should work hard to achieve that. A normal flow of oxygen to the brain equals improved emotional stability, increased intellectual stimulation, and a more relaxed state of body and mind.


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