The one (1) thing I did … for great sleep

After many weeks of vertically stretching the back of my jaw, I woke up and noticed that my breathing felt different. My jaw and tongue automatically moved into a position that felt great. Have you ever had that feeling where everything is perfect in that moment? That is what I felt … serenity, invincibility, and wanting to conquer the world. All the months of trial and error and figuring out the proper exercises that work for me, came together in that one moment. What did I do? I stuck out my tongue … so to speak. The last thing I did before falling asleep was to place my tongue between my teeth so it was extended with the front of my tongue rested softly against my upper palate and the back of my tongue was relaxed.

When I woke up, I felt more excited and happy about life than ever. I guess that is what great sleep can do. If you want to overcome severe sleep apnea, don’t forget to work on your posture and stretch the back of your jaw also. Happy sleeping!




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