Little known ways to Know … if you have Sleep Apnea

As I went through my sleep apnea ordeal, I noticed a few things that indicated whether or not I had slept well. The obvious one is being tired. However, the not so obvious ones may give you insight into a possible sleep apnea condition, however mild or severe.

When I don’t get good sleep, I immediately am able to get up out of bed wide awake. I don’t yawn or stretch in bed. My hands are very weak. I have a headache. Sometimes, I have an upset stomach. My oxygenation is below 98%. My pulse is in the 70s or 80s. By the way, I found that my pulse was a great indicator of how well I slept. If my pulse was in the 50s or 60s, my sleep was pretty good. If my pulse was in the 70s, I would be tired but it didn’t affect my ability to be productive. If my pulse was in the 80s, I would struggle to be productive and relaxed and if there were any minor agitations at work, confrontation with others was inevitable. Either way, it was not a good day. If I kept my mouth shut when something agitated me, I lost a bit of confidence and if I did say something in the heat of the moment, I usually put my foot in my mouth, so to speak.

My theory is Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 10.14.14 AMthat yawning and stretching in bed when you wake up is the body’s way of maintaining the muscle tone in the neck and throat area that prevent sleep apnea and snoring. So, if you stop doing this, you will eventually drop into a catch-22 cycle that is difficult to get out of and sleep apnea is the result.

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